indigomoon (indigomoon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about Diva Cup sizes

Hi, I am new to this community, but not new to menstrual cups.   I started with the Keeper until I lost it, then I replaced it with a Diva Cup model 1.  I took the recommendation of some people (might have been in this group) to poke holes around the rim to make it easier to remove.  I regret doing that because now I get staining inside those holes and I have to soak the cup in hydrogen peroxide after every period to remove the staining.

Anyways, the reason I am posting now is because I was wondering when to change sizes for the Diva Cup.  They say model 1 is for those 30 and under who have never given birth and model 2 is for those over 30 or who have given birth.  For those of you who have turned 30, did you change sizes or keep using model 1?  Did you notice model 1 starting to leak around that age?  This is assuming you have never given birth like me.

One more question:  Are there instructions online on how to make a replacement bag for my cup?
Tags: age, divacup, sizes/size issues

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