ametaya (ametaya) wrote in menstrual_cups,

HBC and cervix position?

I just finished my first pack of HBC, and when I tried to put my cup in, it just wouldn't go. well, it went in, but it sat so low that i couldn't stand it. i tried it multiple times, and it would never sit correctly. even after wearing it for a while, it didn't move up to a good position like it normally does.
has taking BC affected anyone else like this? i'm thinking maybe my cervix was in a lower position than usual. I use a MCUK and it is usually amazing for me, but i had to stick with pads for most of this period. I really hope that  it was just something that happened just this once though, becuase i'm planning on sticking with my birth control for a while and i really don't want to buy a smaller cup because of it.

i realize this may be a question better suited for a different community, and thus it is cross-posted to vaginapagina.
Tags: cervix position, insertion, mooncup (uk)

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