thatiswonderful (thatiswonderful) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time potential user, long time lurker

I've been lurking around the community and have decided I want a cup. I'm having trouble deciding on which one, so some suggestions would be very welcome. I've narrowed my list to the ladycup, femmecup, and miacup. Because I am in the US, I currently do not have access to a Lunette (it was my first choice) and the mooncup UK.

Some basic information: I'm 14, virgin , average/slightly heavy flow, I think I have a low cervix (which is why the diva is out) but I haven't check the placement of my cervix during my period, which I'll be sure to do soon. My lifestyle isn't exactly active, but it is busy. I often have times where I am at a competitions (academic) for long periods of time, so preferable something with a relatively high capacity. I'd like to have a cup I can forget about and not have to worry about leaks.

Thanks in advance to any help!

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions

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