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Torn Clear Cup :(

So I joined LJ after months of lurking just to join this community because my clear cup tore today :( Looks like it's not just contained to the colored cups.

I bought a large clear cup at the end of December (right before all the colored ones started splitting) and was relieved that I had decided to go with a clear over a pretty color. When I took it out earlier I noticed one of the holes was clogged so I did the whole fill it with water and squeeze it out trick but when I squeezed I noticed that the hole in question was bigger than it should be. Closer inspection revealed a small tear extending out from it both up and down.

Luckily the rip is small so I can still use it because I am at work with no other means of back up, but I am going to a baseball game tonight and had been basking in the glory of not having to smuggle tampons into the bathroom in front of my boyfriend's parents. Now I'm unsure if I should attempt to still use it, and risk it splitting the rest of the way while I'm there, or just give up and use tampons for tonight :( And of course today is my heaviest day.

I've emailed ladycup to see if I can get a replacement since I've only had it less than 4 months (it didn't come until late January) and I was pretty sure there's a year warranty on the materials, but when I went to go to the site to check that it was down. I just checked again and it's working now, must have been a momentary blip, but it looks like the guarantee on materials is 2 years so I should be good to go which is good because I really loved my cup and I want to keep using one. I will let you all know what happens when I get an answer.
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