Jen (atarisemochick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Viva Las Vegas!


Thought to self: "I better pack my Diva"

**10 minutes down the road**

Thought to self "Shit! I forgot my Diva!"

At this point, we're trying to get to the airport after making a few stops we needed to make on the way. We didn't have time to turn back, but no big deal. I wasn't expecting my period until after we got back.

Sometime between the time I went to the bathroom on the plane and getting to the hotel (about 2 hours), I start. I FREAKIN START! So here we are in Las Vegas and my period decided to make an appearance. I told my boyfriend and he said "lets rent a car and go get you one".

Does anyone here know where to get a Diva in Vegas? Neither did I. We were to a couple of stores, including a Whole Foods, where they didn't have one, but they sent me on a mission to find one. We went to 6 places total, none of which had cups. So I had to settle for tampons and disposable pantyliners.

OH MY GOD! How spoiled have I been with my Diva? The tampons leaked, I had to change it every 3-4 hours, I ruined my favorite panties AND the liner of a very beautiful skirt. I had to pay to have it dry cleaned through the hotel and it still didn't get the stain out. It was hell! Now I see why women call it the curse!

Moral of the story you may ask? Always go back and get your cup!
Tags: divacup, travel
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