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So, like a lot of people who post here, I am in the market for a menstrual cup and am trying to decide which one.   I've been a cup user for nigh on seven years- I got my Keeper (size B) in the summer of 2002 and have been using it since.  Of course, back then, the Keeper was pretty much the only game in town.  (And I had to ride my dinosaur uphill both ways to get it, too.)

The Keeper has never worked perfectly for me.  I usually have to do some fiddling around to get it to pop open all the way, and it leaks on my heavy days.  I've been backing it up with cloth pads for the last few years.  (Interestingly, it's searching around the web looking at cloth pads that keeps me up to date on the growing number of cup options.)  Since my Keeper is reaching its twilight years, I figured I should think about getting a new cup.  Of course, now there are a number of choices, and I am very indecisive, so I was overjoyed to find this livejournal community.  Tons of information and comparisons at my fingertips! 

My number one issue is to try and solve, or at least reduce, the leakage issue.  The info here has been very enlightening on this front, but as usual, when you answer some questions, 10 others get brought up.  Here's my train of thought:

1)  I don't have any kids.  But some of the companies recommend their larger size for women over 25, or 30.  And come to think of it, the leaking has gotten progressively worse over the years.  I was 23 when I got my Keeper and now I'm... not.  So maybe what I need is a wider cup for a more, er, mature vag.

2)  My heavy days are pretty dang heavy. Often, when I'm leaking, the Keeper is full up to the holes (but not always), and usually, the more often I empty it the less likely I am to have a problem.  So maybe I just need a bigger capacity. 

3)  I never even knew this before I started reading around on here, but wow!  My cervix is low during my period!  It could be my cervix rests on the rim sometimes and not all of the blood gets caught, which could explain why it sometimes leaks even when not full. (I know it's not wedged all the way to the side of my cervix.  I did that once.  It was messy.)  So perhaps I need a much shorter cup.

So, now, I need to figure out which of these is the most important factor.  I could just switch to the Keeper size A- it's slightly wider and has a slightly bigger capacity, it's familiar (which makes it easier for the chronically indecisive such as myself) and I like the fact that it's made of a sustainably produced material.  However, the length could still be an issue, and I'm not too happy with the whole Mooncup  shenanigans.

Right now I'm debating more between the FemmeCup, which is shorter and wider than the small Keeper, with a slightly higher capacity, and the large Lunette, which has a much bigger capacity and is wider, but is only a little bit shorter, and has at the moment the added complication of not being able to ship directly to the US.  (I have a friend in Canada who I never really talk about girly body stuff with, but is the sort of friend who would run this kind or errand for me.  It would just be a bit awkward.)  The Ladycup is another possiblity, but it's only a teeny bit shorter than the Keeper, and it is apparently harder to pop open, which is a concern. 

Does anyone out there have opinions as to what I shold prioritize here?  Length, width, or capacity? 
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