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My first real day with my Lunette!

For the past 30 days, I have been waiting anxiously for my period to start. It's been a crazy month of many ups and downs in stress, eating, sleep, exercise, etc, so I'm not at all surprised my uterus held on a little longer than usual. Anyway, last night, I started spotting! I was thrilled because I got to use my Lunette for the first time! I have a paragard IUD, so I quickly tucked my strings behind my cervix and inserted the cup (using the 7-fold. I can't seem to get the punch-down method to pop out as well as the 7-fold. I'll keep trying other folds). I left it in until this morning and was so excited that I had no leaks! I emptied it this morning and reinserted it. It's been sitting there all day now! Here are some things I've noticed:

1) I think it's actually helping my cramps.
2) The seal seems fine and I have not noticed leaking
3) I don't have that awful dry feeling inside. I had no idea what a difference it made
4) I can barely feel it!

Just my 2 cents :) I'm one happy camper!
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