SaraTheSlayer (sara_msilf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Oh no! and kind of funny

Ok, so yesterday I was wandering around trying to get paperwork together to finish my degree and get a license. I took one of my bags, and found my cup at the bottom of it. I must have taken it in there. Anyway, during the day through various academic offices, I took papers in and out of the bag and even dropped the bag a lot.

Today when I went to empty the bag, my MCUK was GONE! Someone somewhere at the hospital is going to find something very unusual! I don't even think it was very clean. But I miss it. Still keep hoping to find it around the house, but I doubt it.

So I guess I need to replace it. I'm thinking Ladycup in a color because I'd like to go softer/squishier. Is Ebay the best place to buy them? Their next auctions only end in a week or so, which is a long time for there a big price difference between how much they go for there and on the site? Or does it end up about the same?

Tags: lady cup, where to buy

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