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HELP!! Leaking only on my heavier days!!

HELP!   I have poured over the posts on these pages to try to find answers here and cannot figure this out.  I got my diva cup at the end of my last period.  It went in great, first try, caught all the blood, no leaks, pretty comfortable.  The only problem was that I have a long vagina and it moved up so far I could barely reach it to get it out.  But all the fluid stayed inside and it worked like a charm.  Used it over night.  Loved it.  The stem was a little uncomfortable so after reading some reviews I got a Lunette before they stopped shipping to U.S. and also got a great lady cup deal on eBay.  Yay!

Now this month I put it in first thing and MAJOR LEAKS.  I had to put on a heavy pad with it and kept trying, hoping I would figure it out.   I removed and reinserted the cup(s) several times all through the day, and no improvement.  Ruined my day!

I have read ALL of the posts here about leaking, so let me say these specifics up front to avoid redundancy:

1)  it is not overflow because it starts right away
2) it is not residual blood left in vaginal canal after insertion because it is continuous and doesn't let up
3) upon removing the cup, it has a decent amount of blood in it, not close to full, but still LOTS coming out on my pad
4) I use punch down insertion with fold facing down.  I can hear a definite "splurge" sound of the cup opening and confirm with running a finger around outside of cup.  Also I move cup slightly up and then a little tug to confirm there is good suction/seal.
5) it leaked the same with the lunette (lg), diva (sm), and lady cup (sm and lg).  I rotated and tried all of them a least twice.
6) my vaginal canal is very long.  I cannot reach my cervix with  my fingers, which are long also.  As I said above, when I put in the Diva the first time, it moved up so far, I could barely find it, I cannot imagine it is an issue with my cervix being partially past the cup, especially because it even leaked with the sm lady cup which is very short compared to lunette, diva, ladycup.

My period is normally pretty light but for some reason it was heavier this month.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe I was swollen some which I know can happen the first couple days of your cycle,  but even then, how would that effect leaking?  I am at a complete loss here.  This was VERY frustrating. 

Does anyone have ANY ideas or suggestions?????  The main reason why I switched to the cup was overnight protection, so I need it to work the first and heaviest days of my period!
Tags: leakage & spotting
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