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Trial Lilac Cup split in two pieces

Today my trial LadyCup/LilacCup split while inside me, and it ended up in two pieces after removal attempts.

I like using a new cup on a day I'm not menstruating so it's easier for me to understand how it's fitting without the extra complication of the blood and worrying about leakage or spilling. So I'd used it for around 7-9 days total, mostly with a gap between days, but this weekend I used it for around 4 days straight. Turning it inside out solved the removal problem I'd been having.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with it upon visual inspection for the last few days, but then when I went to remove it for rinsing this morning I found that there was an extra edge to it. After a bit of fishing (in the bathroom at my boyfriend's parents' house, right next to where they were chatting over breakfast), I realized that there was a large hole in the middle but the stem was still attached (though I realize now it had flipped right side out through the hole). I knew that pulling the stem would likely worsen the rip, but there wasn't really anything else to grab onto, so I started gently pulling it, and of course the stem ripped right off the rest of the cup.

I never panicked thankfully - reading all the stories of other people's cups getting stuck for days made me think "if I can't get this out right now, I can just wait till my boyfriend and I get home tonight and then he can help me with it." (Thankfully the edges didn't feel sharp, or that might've freaked me out.) The remaining portion of the cup was as hard to grip as it ever was, and I wasn't able to reach up far enough to hook a finger over the lip, so I just gripped one side of the bowl of the cup best I could while doing Kegels. I repeatedly had my fingers slip off of it, but in a few minutes or less I worked it down enough that I could grab with fingertips on two hands, and then it came out easily.

It looks to me like what happened is that the tear started at a hole, spread down to the stem, and then looped back up to intersect itself.

Photos of the result. Click on each for a bigger version.

In two pieces:
Lilac Cup Split!

Showing how the tear probably went:
Lilac Cup Split!

Lilac Cup Split!

I had absolutely no warning whatsoever - I hadn't seen any tiny tears at the holes, nothing. And I also didn't feel the tearing while it was inside me.

I am going to write to the makers of the cup (including a photo) to let them know what happened. I do not expect a replacement since this was a trial cup, but if they offer one I will use it. If they don't offer a replacement I don't think I'll be buying one, since for me it is similar to my Diva in terms of insertion and comfort once inserted, but inferior to the Diva in terms of removal (even when inside out, it's still harder for me to remove than the Diva).

Edit: They replied thanking me for the story.

Dear [my name removed],

Thank you for your experience and all information! I must you inform that
your way of splitting is unusual.

Sorry for all inconvenience!

Best regards,
Iveta Stutzova

It was nice of them to respond.
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