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Help for a 1st time US cup buyer

Hi everyone! I've decided to buy my 1st cup. As I'm sure you all understand, it is sort of scary being a 1st time cup user/buyer! There are so many sizes, so many shapes! And of course, thing are even more difficult because I am in the US, so there are certain cups I can't get here at all, and others that have to be shipped internationally.

So, I am hoping for some advice, and probably some emotional support too! :) I'm 23, and have never had a child, which by most manufactures would put me in the small size range. However, I have read that length is often more important than anything else. As best I can tell, I can't reach my cervix (unless I'm doing something wrong, maybe I just can't find it?) Which would mean I can use one of the longer cups. I also don't tend to have flow that I would consider particularly heavy, but I really want a cup that I can wear overnight without worrying about over-flow.  

Because I am in the US the only cups I can actually buy here are the Diva or the US Moon/Keeper. The Diva intimidates me, because it is the longest of all the cups and shape looks uncomfortable to me. I know lots of people don't like the US Moon/Keeper because they copied the name of the UK company (I admit, totally not cool). On ebay I can get a LadyCup... it seems like a good option. I like that people have said it is one of the more flexible cups, which seems like it would make it easier to fold and insert. The only thing with a LadyCup is that I would go with a large rather than small because of the length and capacity, but I'm worried because it is one of the widest cups! Does the greater width create a problem for anyone else, or is it not a problem because you can fold it up when putting it in?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give! I am very excited to have found this site, its been really helpful. Without all the info here I probably would have just rushed into buying a Diva because of lack of information!   
Tags: first time use, sizes/size issues, where to buy
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