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Correctness of Cup Capacity Charts?

For reference, size charts:  here.

According to said size charts, the small Lunette has a capacity of 20 ml and the small LadyCup has a capacity of 11 ml.

I was messing around with my cups the other day, deciding which to keep and which to give to my friend.  (Bought one, won the other one.)  I've been leaning towards the Lunette half because I kept thinking "But it's nearly DOUBLE the capacity!  It may be a titch less comfortable, but can I pass up double the capacity even if I don't really need  it?" 

So, I decided to compare the capacities myself.  (I mean, they're a fraction of a difference in size, why do they have such different capacities?)  Having no fancy scientific measuring utensils, I just poured the water back and forth between the cups.  Luckily, the Lunette has measuring lines!  If what the pamphlet says is true, the lower measuring line is 5.5 ml and the higher one is 13 ml.

I filled the LC up to the holes (just under the inside of the lowest hole.  They slant downwards and outwards, so 'to the holes' is best measured on the inside) and poured it into the Lunette.  It was almost but not quite to the upper measuring line.  Hmm, that's not 11 ml, that ought to be a bit over 12.  Then I took the Lunette, and i filled it up to just below the holes, same as the LC; poursed some of the water into the LC, filling it to, again, just below the holes.  That water left in the cup was exactly at the lower measuring line.

So, that would mean that the LadyCup is infact about 12 ml, and the Lunette would be about 6 more than that, at 18 ml.

That's a significant difference.  Instead of the Lunette being near double the LC, it's only about 1.5 times the amount.  It also puts the LC closer to the other small sizes (I felt a little weird knowing that I had the lowest capacity cup there is.  But, then again, perhaps my measurements are off.  Anyone have a small LC and other small sizes to compare the way I have?)

So, what do you think?

(Another, slightly related thing:  Do the holes necessarily mean the max capacity?  Blood IS thicker than water, maybe it doesn't go through as easily.  A few cup companies seem to measure their cups to the rim, including LC who says that their small cup is a whopping 21.2 ml.  I'm not sure I'd grant them that, but it would give a great amount of extra room if the holes didn't count as the max - LC had to have done testing, right?  Why else would they be silly enough to put their holes so low?)
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