scarlettwildfire (scarletwildfire) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Grr... Yeastie problems

OK I've been using a cup since December. I am a long time IUD user if that makes any difference.

Out of the last five months four of those I have had yeast infections within the first two or three days of using my cup. I know that vaginapagina comm thinks it's unlikely to have a yeast infection on your period, but it acts like every other yeast infection I've had. (I was on a lot of antibiotics for a year so I got them pretty frequently at that time.) Up until this month, either using garlic or calling my doc for Diflucan cleared it up until the next time I needed my cup. This time it didn't work, it acted like it was going away and within a couple of days it was already back (I'm on the last day of my period at the moment.) I DO have a doc appointment scheduled for next Friday, to double check that it's not something else. While I start getting the weird feeling of the yeast infection coming on, I haven't stopped using my cup for that cycle until I get evidence in the cup (it's usually around the last day of my period anyway... mine are short) which means there's about a day or two lag.

I have tried three different soaps to scrub my hands before emptying the cup, and then rinsing thoroughly, although I haven't tried using straight up hand sanitizer. I pay careful attention to scrubbing around the edges of my lack of fingernails. (I chew...if it's the last bad habit I have left in the world, I'm not concerned.) In between cycles, I have been boiling my cup for at least 6 minutes or so, and also soaking it in a hydrogen peroxide solution (ratio: 1 to 3)

Point is I love this friggin' cup, but if I'm going to keep getting indirectly related yeast infections then I've got no choice but to give it up and go back to tampons. (ICK!)

Any advice or suggestions? I'm pretty much willing to try anything at this point.

Tags: cleaning, yeast infections
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