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OMG I'm so glad I found this group! Living in Canada the only cup I've had any exposure to is the Diva & to be honest the size, when I looked at it in the store, was a bit daunting! I decide to do some research when I saw that the Diva didn't recommend their cup with an IUD (can you say disappointed!) and that's when I found you guys!

I can't believe what I've learnt while reading your posts... I'm though I had a pretty good handle on how everything was connected in there (biology was one of my best subjects in school) but I guess that standard front view drawing that's in the text books doesn't get the point across well enough. I knew that the vagina sloped back but I didn't realize how much & I thought the cervix was at the end rather than at the top... a lot of things make a lot more sense now, thank you!

So one of the first things I learnt was the roaming ability of the cervix. After I had my first IUD put in my Dr told me to check for the strings after my period... could I find them or my cervix? Nope! My fingers weren't long enough... or so it seemed... luckily I found you almost exactly when I started my period this time so off I went to "measure" myself to see what cup length would work... & much to my surprise, there was my cervix, complete with strings!

Having found out I'm about 45mm to the edge of my cervix (50mm to where I can feel the strings) I immediately ruled out the only cup I can get at the local store... I don't think the Diva will work for me! I narrowed my choice down to the Lunette... now I'm over 30 but I've not had kids & I *think* I'm pretty snug... I tried the 2 finger test & I can get them in but combined they are only 30mm wide. If I could get away with the smaller Lunette width ways it would be a lot better on length... or am I better going with the larger one & using the inside out trick?

I was on the Leastore site & they have the Smartballs for exercising the pelvic floor muscles... I was curious of the diameter so I checked... they are 35mm. I have a pair of brass Ben Wah <sp?> balls that are about 15mm in diameter which I am able to keep inside no problem (just to give you an idea of what I mean by snug.

I'm not worried about flow quantities... at my heaviest I "fill" 1 1/2 super plus tampons in a day... & of course you never reall fill them because you leak before they are full anyway! Overnight... I just use a panty-liner as very little makes it to the outside while I'm lying down, I just get the "whoosh" when I go to the toilet first thing when I get up.

So... any advice... yes I have considered buying both... but the Canadian $ isn't all that strong right now!
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