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Leaking - possible cause?

So, I'm two days into my second PWC (period with cup!) .  I'm loving it.  Totally and profoundly loving it.  Come into the bedroom last night having emptied and replaced and announce to my DH how very much I'm loving it.  He asks why and I evangelize waxing poetic. 

Then, a while later while reading before going to sleep, I notice that things are wetter than they ought to be.  Sure enough leaking.  Ok - it happens I know particularly when you are as new to this as I am.  I get up, wipe up, take it out and replace it.  The bad part is that this happened repeatedly last night - like 4 times.  It felt like I had a newborn in the house the way I was getting up every hour or so.  Finally I gave up, and put on panties and a pad.

Now, in the clear light of day, with it in and working fine, I'm trying to think about what might have happened.  I have 2 theories. 

The first is a little odd - for some reason I was experiencing an unusual amount of flatulence last night.  I'm wondering if the additional action might have interfered with the seal by moving things around as pressure changed.  Kind of the way I've read that bowel movements sometimes can.

Second theory seems a little more likely, but I'm still not sure.  Knowing that those little holes are key in making sure that a good seal forms, I thought this morning I would pay extra attention to making sure they were clean and clear.  Forced water through each by holding the filled cup against my palm and squeezing. 

Other than those issues, the other insertion factors seem not to have dramatically changed - of course I'm much more awake this am!

Any thoughts?
Tags: leakage & spotting

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