shivadidj (shivadidj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Dreaming about inserting and removing my cup

I thought you all would enjoy this. I've been dreaming, in detail, about the insertion and removal of my cup.

I got an IUD in February and I haven't started using my cup again. I'm planning on starting using it again next cycle, sometime in mid-May. So I am a little nervous about it, have been thinking, in waking life, about how to most carefully remove and insert the cup.

Well, now I've been dreaming about it! I'll have my crazy dreams, random, whatever, and in the dream I'll have my period and I'll be using my cup. I seem to change my cup about twice a day in my dreams, and the insertion and removal is always very detailed in my dreams, very vivid about exactly how I pinch the bottom and waiting for the seal to break and then wiggling it out without catching the strings (which are very short, both in real life and dreaming). I'm happy to say that in my dreams I haven't had any problems with the IUD! lol

I have noticed that in these dreams, well, this dream last night at least, the cup was riding really low and I had to kegel it up into place several times throughout the day. That never ever happens to me in real life.

Anyone ever dream about their cup? :)

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