The Abbess of Cockaigne (cthulhu_shuman) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Abbess of Cockaigne

After many days of waiting, my Lunette Selene arrived exactly on the first day of my period! I ordered it from Leastore right before the ban, and to be perfectly clear, Leastore was great. The post office just, for some reason, decided that a package labeled "Boston, MA" should be delivered to someone in NY state before it went to me. I'm just glad the first person didn't try to keep my cup! :)

At any rate, this is my first cup ever. I realize it's only been a day, but I am lovin' this. It went in easy, comes out easy, no leaks so far. I've been reading the troubleshooting questions here so much that I was initially convinced that I was doing it wrong, since there was no way it was that simple. I just wanted to thank the community for being so informative. Without you guys and your infinite wisdom, I doubt my experience would be so smooth so quickly. As it is, I'm over paying out the nose for tampons every month. This is too good.
Tags: lunette, success stories

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