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Lunette - not so "limited"? ;)

I'm thinking of getting a Lunette, but fell too deeply in love with the Selene to think of a translucent, un-coloured cup. So I shot off an email, and here's what I got.
(Must add, WHAT a contrast to the Alicia cup howlers!)

I'm an Indian cup user(Mooncup UK), and hope to own a Lunette within the next few months. Sadly(for me!), the Lunette Selene has been selling like hot cakes, and I'm not sure if the Size 1 will be available by the time I can afford one. Are there any plans to renew production of the Selene or other coloured cups, or should I opt for the Lunette instead of waiting? If it's okay with you, I'll post the reply I get on the Livejournal menstrual cups community, since the Selene has been the subject of much enquiry among all the cup users.
Thanks, - S

Johanna Rytkönen's reply:

Hi S! 

We made a decision initially to make the coloured editions only limited ones. We’ve been asked to make Selene a permanent part of our selection, but we want to stick to our initial decision – plus, it would feel like misleading the customer if we suddenly started saying that it actually isn’t a limited edition after all. However, we do intend to continue the Limited Editions Series. I’m not allowed to reveal the details of the next colour and the name yet, but keep your eyes on our international website. I hope you won’t be disappointed! 

Kind regards,

Johanna / Lunette

And yes, I took her permission(again, lol), before putting this up. Her reply?

Hi S

Do what you need to do. I feel like I’m turning into a regular guest star in the community :D



LOL, even if the Lunette's weren't great cups, you have to love this woman!
So, I'm hanging on till the next coloured Lunette makes an appearance, let's see!

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