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LadyCup unfolding problem

Hello ladies..I really hope someone will be able to help me with this...
I've been using Mooncup UK for a few months now (never had any problems inserting/removing the cup). However, the cup always leaked during the first three nights of my period. Also, I found the stiff material a little bit uncomfortable while inside. So I decided to buy another cup with a bigger capacity for my heavier days. After reading lots of articles and blogs, I thought the large LadyCup would be the right choice for me (I am 24, sexually active with no children).

After the first period using the small Mooncup, I mastered the insertion/removal techniques and the whole process would not take me longer than a few seconds. Nobody would expect a different story with the LadyCup! I was really excited when my LadyCup arrived. I loved everything about it - the material, the size, smooth surface, etc. Unfortunately, it all changed the moment I tried to insert mine for the first time... Insertion alone was not a problem...I could easily fold the cup into any shape and insert it, but the unfolding was a completely different story. I know that this has already been mentioned in the blog before, but I really need help with this, especially from the ladies using the large LadyCup. The LadyCup is only 3mm wider in diameter than the small Mooncup! I have read many stories where even younger girls were happily using the larger LadyCup and there is no reason why I should be somehow "tighter" down there than any other average 24-year old. I do not exercise at all so my muscular tone should be average as well....

I tend to use my kegels to push down my Mooncup, but there was no way I could use the muscles to unfold the LadyCup (or maybe I just don't know how to use them properly, I don't know). I have to mention that I tried to insert the cup on many occasions, I tried to be relaxed every time, I used several folds, positions, even angles but nothing worked. The cup would just stay inside me as if I was still hoding it with my fingers! I am sure it's all because of the soft material (which would be far more comfortable for me). 

I love the cup....it would be a shame to leave it in the cupboard somewhere....are there any tricks that need to be used with the large LadyCups? Please let me know what works for you because I don't know what else to try.....thanks very much for your help.
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