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Oh what the hell (Warning: TMI)

I just received my Diva Cup today. (Posted asking about iHerb last week)

I did a dry run and i had to get my fiance to take the damn thing out after i tried for 10 minutes. He even had a problem and i showed him on my Mooncup exactly what to do. I can't pinch the cup at all. I can't get 2 fingers around it. I can indent it with 1 finger but that doesn't release suction and there's no way i can reach the rim to release it.

I'm at a complete loss.

Either my vagina is extremely long or I'm too fat to reach the cup. I think i have too much flesh blocking the way, which is odd because this is the only time it's been a problem when it comes to my genitals.

Heres a link to the problem i was having with the Mooncup. (I added more info in the comments.) I'm thankful I'm able to reach it with a paper towel even though my bathroom might look like i killed someone by the time i get it out.

Has anyone had this problem?

It seems like most of you have to cut the stem to stop it from sticking out. I actually need a long stem or else i can't reach it at all. How can i not get 2 fingers around  the cup?  I am so pissed/fustrated/bummed out. I really wanna use a cup, they seem awesome. I don't want to have to remove it by laying down on a bed. These things are supposed to be used in public and i can't even insert one in a public bathroom.


Tags: divacup, keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues
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