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What's the closest thing to the Lunette? Or best cup in general...

I know I just posted a few days ago asking which cup, and the responses I got were excellent!  Thanks so much to everyone for her input; I feel like I'm definitely heading in the right direction.  Just as I had decided that the Lunette was the way for my short vagina, heavy flow self, I realized that the US has other plans and scoffs at the union of cup and I (Haha...sorry for the excess corny-ness).  What's the closest cup that I can purchase in the US? 

Although I'm not totally against doing something crazy every now and again...(illegal alternatives? I don't have any friends outside the country...)

Oh! Another question-- if my cervix is low when I'm NOT on my period, will it change significantly when I AM on my period? 
I've done a bit better with my "self" research.  I can reach my cervix, but the whole two finger thing is slightly uncomfortable, but I guess I could get used to that?

I don't know. I'm thinking high capacity short cup (wide one?), but one that is possibly narrow...Does that make sense or is that even feasible?
Should I still look at the "Teen" cups (and which ones are those?) even though I'm almost not a teen anymore?

Thanks again to everyone on here! I had no one else to ask these personal questions...My mom had never heard of them before I mentioned them and my friend just heard about them (not from me) and said how disgusting she thought it was (I just chuckled and tried to convince her otherwise).
Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position
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