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Which size LadyCup?

So I currently own a small Diva, and it's slightly too long for me - the inside out thing works decently, but I suspect I could get an even better fit with a smaller cup, so I just bought a small LadyCup off of eBay... it hasn't arrived yet, and I'm already having second thoughts (especially because this bidding thing is so addictive!  I'm an eBay newb, but I love it.) and wondering whether I should have gone with the large instead.  I'm thinking about ordering the large and possibly reselling the small (unopened) - but I don't want to make the wrong choice, and I don't want to have to try them both on because then that's like $40 down the drain (in addition to the $30 I spent on my Diva cup... this is starting to get expensive).

So... here comes the TMI bit.  I have a very short vagina during my period, the distance to the closest part of my cervix that I can feel is about 43 mm according to my measurements (you know, the finger method - I didn't stick a ruler up there!), but I'm not sure how accurate that is... I can fit a small DivaCup up there the right way without it sticking out, but it comes right to the edge of my vagina and is somewhat annoying - though not painful.  So figure the total length is actually right around 57 mm, if you take into account that the cup basically wraps around my cervix.

I have a pretty light flow - I've never filled up more than 1/4 oz (7ish ml) on my DivaCup, but I was changing it every few hours because of the discomfort... ideally I won't have to do this with a LadyCup.  So I guess my main concern is capacity - they claim 21 ml, which I think would be more than enough for me - but I read somewhere on here that the holes are only 11 ml up... does this mean I'll start leaking if I let it get past 11 ml?  Should I be worried about this?  Anyone out there with a small LadyCup, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this.

EDIT: Oh... and the other concern was width.  The 43 mm of the DivaCup works well for me, and I feel like 3 mm in either direction (40 for the small LC, 46 for the large) might be too big of a difference.  I hope not.  Do those 3 mm actually matter?

Thanks. :-)
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