erica057 (erica057) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Possible Lunette alternative

A lot of ladies from the US have been posting lately asking for an alternative to the Lunette since it won't ship to the US as it's pending FDA approval. I hope that this doesn't come off as spammy, but I wanted to mention the Miacup since it seems to get discussed here much less than the other brands. As evidenced by this poll, out of 402 responses only 4 people owned a Miacup. Anyway, it's pretty similar to the Lunette; it has a "hoop skirt" shape, flat tab stem, and grip ridges. The main differences seem to be that it has a more pronounced rim (still far less pronounced than i.e. MCUK) and that the sillicone is slightly softer. There's a review here. According to the size chart, the small is a little larger than the small Lunette and the large is identical to a large LadyCup which is a smidge smaller than the Lunette. When I bought my large cup, I ultimately went with the Lunette Selene (which I LOVE!) because I liked the idea of a clear cup with measuring lines and I prefer the slightly smoother sides. But the Miacup would've been my second choice.

I watch this community regularly and haven't seen this mentioned since Lunette stopped shipping to the US, so I thought someone might find it helpful!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lunette, miacup

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