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This is my fifth period with my small Lunette (and my first month with cloth pads!).

For the past four months, as long as I've gotten it in me comfortably, I've been set. (And last month, no issues at all). Then, starting last night, I've been leaking. (I'm really happy I have a couple of big cloth pads - life savers!) I'm tried re-inserting it. I've run my finger along the rim to make sure it's popped (it is). I have no idea what could be going on. (Last night could have been because the cup was full - overnight, etc. But this morning, there hasn't been enough blood in the cup to warrant it.)

I'm a little concerned. We're having the heat wave of the season here (in the 90's) and I'm running out of dark sundresses (nevermind that dark sundresses are hot to wear). Also, if I'm leaking like this and using pads.... etc. etc.

Tags: leakage & spotting

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