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So I have been itchy for a few days, but thought it was probably just my Lichen Simplex Chronicus (that annoying little bugger), since my discharge didn't really look or smell different, and so went ahead and put my cup in today in anticipation of my period (yay for the pill making me predictable). However, when I took it out for the first time today...along with the blood, there was yuckiness...white, clumpyish, more than normal...yeah, i'm pretty sure i have a yeasty beasty. went out and got some pads and OTC YI stuff at the pharmacy which i'll use after my period, put on a pad and scrubbed the cup with a toothbrush and soap...already i'm uncomfortable in this pad. it's GROSS. how did i do this for almost 10 years? Jeesh.

I'm sick of re-infecting and worrying about my cup, though. I clean it as best I can, make sure to rinse well after soap or HO2 (although when I get back to a country where i have lots of stuff available i'll switch from HO2 to rubbing alcohol as has been suggested here), make sure my hands are clean...*sigh*. I'm thinking about buying a new cup when I get back to the states, probably another Diva since it's been working well for me (i'm one of the lucky ones who found the right cup with no research), but does anyone have any sure-fire yeast-killers that i can use on this cup as my last resort? Or, anything that will help prevent recurrent yeast infections, other than keeping clean and dry? I probably can't do anything while i'm here in Israel, as it's hard to find natural food stores and specific items (like those acidophilus caplets i've seen mentioned somewhere, or tea tree oil) when you don't speak the language, whereas in the US there's an awesome natural gourmet store near where I live--the one where I got my Diva, as a matter of fact.

I frikkin' hate this. I've been plauged with YIs every few months for the past few years, and I hate that they're getting in the way of me using my amazing cup that makes my life so much easier. Please help!
Tags: divacup, yeast infections

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