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Random question.

I know that some women (or their vaginas???) are somewhat particular, and they find themselves searching for that "just right" goldilocks cup. I also know that some women can use multiple brands of cups with similar levels of success. (My experience with Diva, Lady, and Lunette all have their individual ups and downs, but each of them work well enough that I would be happy to use their cup were there no other cup options.)

This post is for that second type (or the type who might be looking for their first cup).

A number of posts lately have mentioned marketing, customer service et cetera...

For those who have some experience with multiple companies, how do the cup companies differ? Who are the best and worse for PR stuff? Without any consideration for the differences in the cups themselves (length, width, capacity, color, texture), who would you rather deal with in buying and owning your cup?

EDIT: For example wasn't there one company where someone from this community wrote them an email asking if their cup would work, and after telling the company various things about themselves, the company actually suggested a competing brand as the possible best match? I could be remembering this wrong, but I think that company might have been the MiaCup people. I remember that, because it made me consider looking into MiaCup (especially since I'm a cup collector anyway). I liked what the company did for that one person, and I like their activism and fund raising activities in general
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions

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