Anne the Cat (annethecat) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Anne the Cat

Looking to buy

Alright, I'm looking to buy one of these now. Currently I'm using Insteads...but I reeeally wanna go to a regular cup. I'm not sure what kind of info I need to give; someone replied to a previous post of mine saying post when I'm ready to buy and people would help. :)

As far as I know, I have a short vagina...I could easily reach my cervix. Either that, I have really long fingers. XD So far, I'm really leaning towards a Lunette, from everything I've heard/read. *wonders if they still have the limited-edition blue one...*

Any additional info that I need to post?

Edit: If a Lunette can only be purchased outside of the US, which is closest to it?

Edit Again: I'm looking at this this a good price?
Tags: buying decisions, first time use
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