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Spreading the word...

I just posted this to facebook - feel free to modify it and/or pass it around as you wish.


Perhaps this is an awkward topic for a facebook note, but I don't really care... the fact is that there exists a menstrual product that is better for you *and* the environment than tampons or pads, and yet it still seems like there are tons of women out there who haven't heard of them. Nobody asked me to write this entry, I'm not on commision from DivaCup or anything... it just doesn't feel right for me to keep such a good thing a secret, so that's why I'm writing to let you all know about menstrual cups.

So, what is a menstrual cup? Basically, it's a silicone cup that fits in your vagina and collects your period blood. There are plenty of different brands of cup, including Diva, Mooncup, LadyCup, MiaCup... the list goes on. There is a wealth of information about cups here: - I'm not going to repeat everything, I just want to say enough here to be informative and convince the more squeamish of you (if you haven't stopped reading already) that they're actually not that icky... honestly, they're less icky than tampons.

So, why use a cup?
- cost: rather than buying boxes and boxes of tampons or pads, a one-time cup purchase (they go for ~$30 in stores, though you can get better deals on the internet sometimes) should last you for years
- convenience: no more desperate whispers of "can I borrow a tampon?"
- better for your body: they don't cause TSS! they don't dry out your vagina like tampons do!
- better for the environment: using a cup doesn't leave any waste - think of all the pads and tampons that you won't be throwing away!

And now, a word of advice... when choosing a cup, don't pick a brand out of convenience or ignorance - each cup brand has a unique shape and size, and you should do some research before you buy; most women are able to wear their first cup, but you'll have a better chance of success if you try to buy the one you think is most likely to fit you. There's a sizing chart somewhere on that lj community I linked to, and probably several places elsewhere on the internet. If you do buy a cup that's too long, though - don't despair, some cups can be shortened by wearing them inside out. I learned all of this the hard way - I bought a DivaCup because it was what they had at the Harvest Co-op (yes, they sell them there - also at Whole Foods, I believe), and found out about this whole sizing business after I had worn it uncomfortably for a while (though the inside-out thing really does work wonders)... now I'm waiting for my LadyCup to arrive that I just bought off of eBay (yes, you can buy them new off eBay - and it's not sketchy, at least I hope not.)

So, in short - cups are awesome. Tell your friends, tell your friends to tell their friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends to tell their friends. And then go buy one.

Oh, and did I mention that some brands make them in pretty colors? BlueCup ftw! (It was cheaper than the PinkCup... meh.)

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