lovelong22 (lovelong22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's all good, untill it rides up.

So, 4 cycles, I finally have my diva cup size 1 half working. It works well for just going out and sitting around, but as soon as I do anything that involves too much movement, my cup rides up and I leak. Even stretching moves it too much. This is a huge problem for me, as I am a cheerleader and in diving, which both involve a lot of stretching and twisting.
I've herd you can turn the diva cup inside out to make it shorter, but I can't make it seal when I turn it inside out. I end up having to use tampons at least 4 out of 7 days so that I can do my sports, and then sometimes other days if I feel like going for a bike ride, or doing anything other than sitting around. Any suggestions?

This next part is kind of weird. And I'm just wondering if other people have this happen. But I find that throughout the day I feel as if air bubbles are working their way out from inside the cup to well..the out side. This usually isnt a problem, but on my heavy days, when the "air bubble" makes it way out, so does a little blood... I've never herd of this anywhere. Is it just me? If there anything I can do?

Thanks :)
Tags: leakage & spotting

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