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Which cup?

I have one hell of a period. It's inconsistent flow-wise and it's very frustrating. I have countless stories of bleeding through SUPER tampons AND a pads (yes, frequently used in conjunction), sometimes within an hour. Sometimes (though this is extremely infrequent and only seems to last for a day or only a few hours) I feel like I am drying out my vagina by using tampons, but I HATE pads. Earlier this week I started my period for the second time this month, which has never happened to me before and I'm just basically fed up with my entire period situation (I will also be going on a cruise in a few months and with a finicky period I want to make sure I'm well covered).
And tired of constantly worrying if I'm going to bleed all over something (car seats, chairs, clothes...)
So I've decided to get a cup. I've done a great deal of research over the internet the past few days, but I am certainly undecided as to which would be best for me. I need suggestions.
I'm 19 and have never had sex. I've also seen people complaining about the size not being suitable for their size. I'm about 5'7 (not especially tall or short) and a average to thin frame.

I've also read posts about menstrual cups lessening flow, is this possible? I'm also a twelve year vegetarian and have read something about possibly being anemic and that perhaps being the reason for my heavy flow. Though it's a bit off topic, does anyone know anything about that?

Thanks so much to everyone being in this forum, it's really helped me to realize I'm not the only one in this boat!
Tags: buying decisions, heavy blood flow, sizes/size issues
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