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Hi! New wanna-be cup user with questions about which cup

I've been reading posts here for a couple of days and looking at the comparison charts here as well as the super-helpful charts at, and I think I want to try out a LadyCup. My question is whether I should go with the small size, which seems to be the very smallest of all of them. Do you think this will be TOO small for me? Here's my background...

I'm 36, no births. I am a very small person (4'11", 110 pounds) with a very small vagina! I am fairly active and have pretty tight vaginal muscles which make inserting things difficult. I have fairly light periods, and in the days when I used tampons, I used the slender size and that was all I could deal with, and even with those I often had comfort issues.

My first cup experience was a large DivaCup, which I bought based on the age recommendations, and it was dreadful! At the time, all I knew was the C-fold, which they tell you in the written instructions. I had a devil of a time inserting it, even with a bunch of lube, and once I got it in-- well. It was so horrifically painful I feared I might vomit, and there was nothing to do but immediately get it out, OUT! I think it did not have room to unfold from the C-fold, and it was bashing into my cervix instead of fitting around it. A truly awful sensation. I screwed up my courage and tried it several more times over the next few months, all with the same result. I really really wanted it to work, but there was just no dealing with that.

Fortunately, I was able to return the Diva for a full refund, but I assumed that was it for me with cups.  I was too scarred by that experience to even risk trying it with the smaller Diva.  But now I found this website and realized there are so many other brands and other ways to fold them to make inserting easier, and I'm pumped to try again with a different brand. There's no question in my mind that I need to be at the small end of the spectrum, and the soft LadyCup sounds a lot less scary than some of the others.

But do you think the small LadyCup, which seems to be designed for teens, may be too small for me, even with my issues? Are there any petite ladies over age 20 who are doing well with the small LadyCup?
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