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After 2 Periods, Here's My Success Story!


I am a 21-year-old virgin who began menstruating when I was about 13. My periods have always lasted for about a week, and are always accompanied by bad back pain. I only used tampons if I was doing a water-related sport, but because my periods were so long, my skin would often be rubbed raw by the pads by the end of my period, so I was open to alternatives (I just didn’t know of any).

I first heard about menstrual cups when I was browsing Xanga in August of 2008. I was intrigued (yes, and a bit grossed out!) and saw that there were two brands – Keeper and Diva (I didn’t see anything about the other cup companies). I could order the Diva Cup from Amazon, so I decided to do that. I knew nothing about menstrual cups and all the sizing issues.

I was super excited when my small Diva arrived and even though it was near the end of my period, I decided to try it out. Well, I think I spent about ½ an hour trying to get it in and even though taking it out took less time, it was very painful. I gave up and decided to try it at another time.

In February of 2009, anticipating that I might be on my period when I backpack the Grand Canyon in May (and not wanting to pack out pads & tampons), I decided to give the cup another go. However, I didn’t want to have the same problems I had the first time I tried to use the cup, so I did an internet search and found this site. I read through several of the posts and my second attempt was much smoother than my first. I have now been using a menstrual cup for 2 periods.

Period One:

My period started in the morning, so I popped in my cup and went about my day. It was great – no discomfort at all. I wasn’t sure how the cup was going to work for me, so I wore a backup pad. Good thing, too, because I went 14 hours before emptying and by then the cup was overflowing. After posting on this community about it, I decided I would need to empty the cup every 4-6 hours on my heavy days.

The rest of the period was great! I LOVED having the cup and after 2 days of using a backup pad, I stopped using one because I didn’t have any leaks (except for the 1 time when the cup overflowed – but that was my fault). On the 3rd day of my period, I actually forgot for a while that I was on it. It was amazing!

After hearing everyone rave on their Lunette cups, and wanting to get something with a little more capacity, I ordered a large Selene for myself and a small Selene for my sister (she refuses to talk to me about it, though, so I have NO idea how it’s going for her! Arrgh!).

Period Two:

I had finally found my cervix! After watching the video on youtube about how to find your cervix, I was able to do it (I don’t know where the link is for that video – if someone posts the link in a response, I will add it to this post). I discovered that my cervix is way to the left of my vagina.

My period started at night so I decided to use the Lunette Selene. It was my first time using it, so I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I woke up in the middle of the night with bad, bad cramps. I used my Diva the next day and then tried the Selene again the next night. I woke up in the middle of the night to empty it, but that was unnecessary. The cup was comfortable, though, and I didn’t have any of the issues I’d had the first night.

The rest of that period was completely uneventful. After the first 2 nights using the Selene, I used my Diva for the rest of my period. Right now, the Diva is my favorite of my 2 cups – I LOVE it! But, I’m going to give the Selene another try on my next period and see if I can fall in love with it, too.

Benefits of Menstrual Cups:

- No more having to take your purse to the restroom with you!

- FREEDOM! It is soooo freeing to not worry about whether I’m leaking, or how I’m sitting, etc. etc…I don’t have to go to the bathroom extra-often to check for leaks! I can go swimming, horseback riding, running, backpacking, etc. while on my period and be worry-free!

- No more extra trash in my trash can! Having 3 younger brothers, I’ve always been paranoid about disguising the trash…now I don’t have to worry about it!

- It’s cheaper than pads/tampons!

- It makes me feel more positive about being a woman – I no longer dread my periods!

- It’s good for the environment!

I was going to do a side-by-side comparison of the small Diva Cup and the large Lunette Selene, but I’ll save that for another post after I have more Lunette experience :).

I hope it’s OK, but I thought I’d link to the posts that really helped me when I first discovered this community:

Assorted Size Charts

The Virgin's Guide to Cups

Folding Techniques

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