melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I Got My MoonCup UK!

I got my MoonCup UK in the mail today, and I'm pretty happy!  As a U.S. citizen/resident, I couldn't be more proud to purchase, own and support the original cup with this name.  However, I will say (for any officials who might stop by this site) that the mooncup company itself is not resposnible for me getting this cup.  I bought it through other means, which I will not list out in public (please send me a private message for that). 

The box is cute and small (about the same as the Lunette size 2 box), and the bag is unbleached cotton, very durable.  The instruction book it comes with is pretty cool, its in several lanuages, with picture diagrams.  I'm loving the material of the cup-- somewhere between Diva and Lunnette size 2, I would have to say.  And I know some of the people aren't crazy about the material's color, but I kind of think its rather unique.  My period started yesterday (finally), so I'll give it a try.  Here are some pictures:

Tags: diagrams & pictures, mooncup (uk)
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