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Leakage and removal

Firstly, f*ck me, Livejournal is confusing.

Secondly, so are menstrual cups.
I've read and read pages on here about how you guys love your cups so it's really kinda distressing me that I hate mine.
I want to use it because I spent bloody £22 on it and according to my maths it'll take almost 3 years of using it and nothing else before that equals the cost of tampons.
But I bloody hate the thing. Mine is a UK Mooncup. My problems are mostly about removal, which I dread. But also it leaks. Currently there's no real point to my using it at all, except for practice, because it leaks and leaks and leaks. I've read some stuff about my cervix being in the wrong place if this happens, but what can I do about it?

So yeah, removal, a bastard. Right now I still have to get into the bath tub to remove my cup, I'm just lucky that I don't have a job or any other reason to go out during the day, so I can do this and take all the time I want. I would say I am improving at it, yesterday it only took me a couple of minutes, compared to 30mins+ before. But I still don't like it. I'm probably less squeamish than the average female but I can't say I enjoy rooting around in my vagina while getting my hands covered in blood. It hurts and my vagina always feels like it needs a rest afterwards so I've never put my cup straight back in. (What would be the point anyway, it's going to leak.)

I just can't believe people are saying it's easier than tampons! Tampons I could do in my sleep! But obviously the waste aspect of tampons concerns me, as well as the whole money I already spent on the Mooncup issue. So I'd like to get it right. I'm just scared of the damn thing now. It's sitting there on the edge of my bathtub, looking all big and painful and taunting me.

I've read various things that I find myself incapable of doing. I can shove it in okay using the normal fold. But it says you're supposed to turn it to ensure a seal forms - how? Once it's in I can't move it. I cut the stem off the first time I put it in because, well, it was sticking out. But I've since found it moves up inside me over time so I have to do squeezy squeezy to get it within reach to pull out. Break the seal at the rim? I can barely, *just about* reach the rim, but in that position it's then almost impossible to *do* anything. It has to be in such a low position for it to *hurt* before I can reach the rim and pull it down. I can kinda reach high enough to squeeze the sides, but it's much easier to squeeze the wrong sides - ie. front and back, instead of right and left, I have to squeeze and then like turn it round inside me so it's coming out forwards/backwards instead of side to side, and that is not easy.

Like I said, I just don't enjoy rooting around inside myself this much. I wouldn't like it if it was any of my other orifices, and now I'm starting to hate my vagina as well as my mooncup, and I'd really rather keep it a place of fun!
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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