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A response from Lunette

I got an e-mail back from Lunette, and am super excited that the woman who replied, Johanna Rytkonen(I can't figure out how to do the little dots over letters) was so down-to-earth! It makes me really happy, and really glad that I've purchased this cup, because it shows that there are real women who care about other women behind this, not just big companies like Mooncup US trying to squash out all their competition. I can't wait for it to get here!

Basically, we were right about why the cups aren't being allowed to be sold to the USA anymore... Lunette is trying to go through the proper channels to get FDA certification, and selling to US customers without FDA approval is illegal. They also check the community from time to time, which I think is awesome, because it shows that they really care about what sort of reputation they have and what may be going on with their cups that they aren't aware of. Yay Lunette!

Just because I love the way its worded and its very re-assuring to have someone real representing a big company and talking like any one of us here would, I've included her e-mail as well as what I sent to her under the cut.

My e-mail to Lunette in general was as follows:

To whom it may concern,

I was just told by one of the stockists that the Lunette is no longer allowed to be sold to customers in the USA. I was just wondering a few things regarding this, and was hoping you could answer some questions for me.

1) Why is the Lunette no longer allowed to be sold to USA customers?

2) Will the Lunette be able to be sold to USA customers in the future?

3) Is there anything preventing a third party from purchasing a Lunette and sending it to someone in the USA?

4) Can customers who already have the Lunette get in trouble for using it?

5) Being as the Lunette is OK for use with IUDs, where can IUD users be expected to purchase cups that are compatible with their choice of birth control?

Thank you for any and all light you can shed on the situation. I have been saving for months to be able to purchase a Lunette, only to be told by everyplace I attempt to buy from that I can no longer be sold to, due to my geographic location.

Thank you again!

I sort of tried to roll all our major questions into it as well as combine different people's situations as well, so it was as if we were speaking as a whole rather than just me by myself.

Here is the response! It IS that exciting! Especially since it addresses everyone, which is the main reason I'm posting it... its not just for me, but for everyone here!

Hi Kelly (& community)!

The culprit behind all this is Food and Drug Administration. As you are
aware, Lunette is not FDA approved. We have been focusing on our main market
areas here in Europe, which is why we have not actively pursued the US
markets or applied for FDA approval. At the moment we are in the process of
getting the approval, which brought a new revelation: We recently found out
that it is illegal to sell Lunette even for personal use to a customer in
the States without the approval, and we have been forbidden to sell cups to
USA. This is why we have instructed our distributors not to sell to USA at
the moment, to avoid problems.

We know that there are many women out there wanting to get a Lunette and
therefore we are trying to get Lunette approved as soon as possible. We'd
like to ask everyone to be patient right now. Getting the approval
unfortunately does not happen overnight...(but I think a year is a major
overstatement!) At the moment there are two brands of cups available for
customers in US. Now I know that for most women Lunette has a superior
design to these two, but they are still better options than tampons or pads
if you are not willing to wait for a while.

When it comes to cup smuggling, we cannot recommend it. Totally
hypothetically it would be possible and we would never find out about it,
nor would we have any means of controlling it. But I am confident that none
of you would even try such a thing.

We check the forum from time to time to see if there is a question we have
failed to answer in our FAQ section, and came across the topics about
shipping Lunette to USA. We want to take this opportunity to thank you and
the community for your support! It means a lot to us knowing that we have
behind us. Hopefully these issues will soon be in the past. We know that
this situation makes a lot of people angry and sad and let me just point out
that we aren't exactly happy about it either. We kindly ask for your
understanding. I wish it hadn't come to this but unfortunately we have no
choice at the moment. However, this is only temporary and will definitely
not last forever. We hate disappointing you ladies and will do everything to
get this over and done with as soon as possible.

About IUDs: There are no studies made about Lunette and IUDs, but based on
the feedback we have received, it has appeared to be quite obvious that they
can be used together. However, since this is a relatively new product on the
market, we still gather feedback all the time, and use it to update our
recommendations (for example our new sizing guide is the most accurate one
at the moment, but we will update it in the future as we learn more about
women with special circumstances). So, when we say that Lunette can be used
together with an IUD, it is according to our best knowledge at the moment.
If we suddenly start getting messages saying that they do not fit together,
we will obviously change our recommendations. We are not medical
professionals, so the safest bet is always to discuss these things with your
doctor first.

Hopefully I've managed to shed some light on this issue. If you have further
questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again! We're here for you

Kindest regards,
Johanna / Lunette

P.s. Another thing caught my eye in the discussions: We're usually perfectly
capable of reading and writing English (albeit not as well as a native,
obviously). Should someone get a response in Finnish (???), that would
probably be an error message generated by the system and they might want to
re-send the original message. Just so you know ;)

I'd say that satisfies me! I'm very glad to hear back so quickly, since I am sure there is a TON of e-mail coming their way ATM about this, as well as in such detail!

Anyways, thats about it. Let me know if you guys have any more questions, I'll e-mail again.
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