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Thank you.

I posted my success story a couple of weeks ago, but I feel as though it didn’t do proper justice to the profound effect that this community has had upon my life, and the journey it has jumpstarted.

The past two nights, as I’ve taken off my bra before bed, I’ve felt the familiar ache in my breasts, that telltale sign that my period will be putting in an appearance in the coming days. Instead of cursing the tenderness in my chest and sighing at the thought of another 6 or 7 days dealing with my period (at worst, a severe pain; at best, a nuisance), I am rejoicing. In fact, I CAN’T WAIT.

It’s liberating to be freed from sticky uncomfortable pads and icky tampons. Thanks to this community, I have not just the freedom of my cup but also the comfort and mix-and-match fun of an assortment of new cloth pads to look forward to.

But the joy and anticipation runs deeper than that.

What this community has introduced me to is the possibility of respecting and even loving what the female body does. Women commonly say that the period is natural. But how many truly believe this? How many truly feel and experience what this means? Outside of sexual activity (when a clinical exploration isn’t really the goal at hand), how many get up close and personal with every last millimeter of their vaginal canal and cervix and have that very unique, personal understanding of themselves? How many can track and know their flows down to the milliliter? How many are able to understand and respect what Mother Nature has endowed them with, and appreciate it as the gift it is? And, most important of all, how many truly LOVE their ladybits? That is the gift this community has given me.

And I thought I was just getting into it to further green up my lifestyle!

My period, my vagina, all the bits and pieces that make up my physical femininity…they are 100% unique, quirky, beautiful, natural, interesting, important, often surprising, and special, but never gross or shameful or weird or ugly or nasty. They are life, and it’s an amazing thing. I am so lucky to have been able to connect with myself in this way--I never even knew I needed it. By virtue of my womanhood, I really am a member of a uniquely privileged club, and I’ve finally shown up to lay claim to that membership.

Thank you all for all that you do here.
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