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I think its becoming increasingly obvious that the FDA is behind all these troubles with the Lunette and whatnot.

I ordered a Lunette from earlier, only to have my order cancelled because I didn't read the fine print. This is what I received with the notice of cancellation:

Hello Kelly,

Feminine Wear has cancelled your order. Your credit card will be refunded in full.
Reason: Other (describe below)
Comments from Feminine Wear:"We are unable to ship the Lunette Menstrual Cup to the USA. This is due to licensing restrictons imposed by Lunette. Sorry for any inconvenience."


Heres a good question: does anyone know if any of the cups that are allowed to be sold in the USA are advertised as able to be used with IUDs? I know the Lunette is, the Diva isn't, but thats it. I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW I COULD JUST BURST! It seems as if the only cups that say they are OK to use with the IUD are Lunette and Mooncup UK, BOTH of which are seemingly banned. SO, where is the safety for those individuals who use IUDs and cups?! We can either risk pulling the IUD out, or continue to use disposable products and pads? I THINK NOT!

Also, I think we should start an underground cup-smuggling chain. As in, someone out of the US who is willing to buy cups and send them to those of us in need in the USA, in exchange for payment of the cup and the shipping charges. Any takers?

I'm going to write a letter to Lunette tomorrow and find out why they have changed their policies all of a sudden. In the mean time, if anyone knows of cups sold in the US that allow for IUD usage, or if anyone wants in on the cup-smuggling, let me know. =]

Please excuse the caps, I am angry and frustrated and I feel as if Lunette has betrayed me.

EDIT: I just e-mailed with a bunch of questions, and will post again once I get a response. Hopefully the answers I get will be able to shed a little light on the entire situation, since it seems that no one wants to talk about any of this.
Tags: iud, lunette, mooncup (uk), where to buy
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