daimere (daimere) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Where can you buy overseas cups?

After reading a bit in another thread about inability to ship to the US for a lunette, is the Keeper/Mooncup dispute going to prevent ALL overseas cups from delivering to the US?  I did look on the website femininewear.co.uk and they did have a warning about inability to ship to the US.

In my opinion, this is getting out of hand.  I sorta...barely understand preventing Mooncup UK from being shipped to US but Lunette and all the others?  For a company dedicated to "freeing women from dependency," this seems like making the American consumers dependent on Keeper or Diva

If you have recently bought a lunette, where did you buy it? What are other options for Mooncup UK/overseas cup users when they need a new cup?  What can we do to prevent this from getting even more out of hand?

What are your thoughts?

And Keeper company is as old as me since I was born in '87. :p

Edit:  Or it is the FDA.  Either way, I want the FDA to stay out of my vagina.  Considering all the things the FDA had approved that wound up being dangerous(like the heart drug from a few years ago).  
Tags: activism, keeper company, lunette, mooncup (uk), where to buy
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