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Email from Diva Cup regarding cup life.

 Inspired by the previous post where radicalancient  contacted the founder of Alicia Cup, I decided to email Diva Cup and ask them directly why their cup is only recommended for 1 year versus the 10 years that they used to say. 

My email:

             "Hi there,
I am just writing to ask a quick question about the Diva Cup. When I purchased mine a while ago, your website claimed it could last up to 10 years with proper care. Now your website says it can last only 1 year. What is the reason for this large time difference? It is made with different materials now or something? I'm very curious.
Thank you,

Andrea "

Their reply:

"Dear Andrea:

Diva International Inc. has never indicated that any menstrual cup can be used for ten years. Often, information on the web is attributed to us because we are the most visible menstrual cup company worldwide. 

Under government regulations, we are obliged to consider all information that we have gathered in order to inform consumers on the of use our product. 

We have the most experience of any company in the menstrual cup category in the world . It is our understanding that there is no menstrual cup (made from either rubber latex or silicone) that would last ten years. The material would become compromised over time depending on the women's pH, as well as what was used to clean the cup and how it was cleaned.

Each woman knows when she is ready to replace the cup, but because of the hygienic nature of the product and based on our experience, our recommendation is that it is best to replace the cup once a year.


Now, am I totally crazy because I swear on their site when I ordered my Diva a long time ago they claimed it could be reused for up to 10 years with proper care. Sorry if this was discussed already, I tried looking in the tags but there were soo many entries I stopped after a while.
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