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Lunette Selene Size 2 @ kuukuppi.fl

So I've yet to try my PinkCup (just a couple more days until my period comes! Yay! XD), but since the Lunette Selene is starting to run out, I'm a little eager and wondering if I should go ahead and get it.  I'd like to get Size 2 as a bigger cup since I can have quite heavy days on my first and second days.   Some background info, I'm 22 and a virgin.  I've been "stretching" myself out and can insert two fingers now which is quite a feat considering two months ago I could hardly get one finger and could not insert a tampon no matter how hard I tried.  Well now I'm glad that I'll never have to try a tampon since I have my LadyCup now! :-) I've inserted an Instead Softcup before (although it was too long for me at that time) and so I'm okay-confident that I'll be able to get the LC in.

Anyways, I was first intrigued with the Lunette Selene from Melissa's folding video of the size one blue selene.  I tried going through the community to find characteristics of the lunette salene size 2 and couldn't find much of what I'm trying to find...I also tried that quiz that was posted and the Lunette Size 2 was the first choice that it gave me.

From the video, the cup looked really flexible and soft which I liked.  But then I think I remember reading that it is a stiffer cup that allows it to pop open better as well, which is different from the LadyCup so then I'll have a stiffer cup if I can't get the LC to pop open.   Also, how long is the size 2?  I think I'm relatively short although somewhere in the middle of my period my cervix does ride pretty high whereas when I'm not on my period it's only have it about 5-6cm (~2in).

Anyways, I just need some confirmation or suggestions.  I know I should wait and try my LadyCup a bit more to learn what works for me but then I want to get the blue selene and don't want to miss the limited edition-ness!  Also, I want to order from Kuukuppi.fl and they have a 6month guarantee so I should be safe if it doesn't work out right...? Has anyone ever had to return one to them?

Thanks in advanced! 
Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup, lunette selene, virginity

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