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Just a few thoughts...

First off: I'm looking into buying a cup that has easier suction than the Diva, and one that is OK for use with IUD, based on the manufacturer. I feel like if they say its ok, then its really ok. I love the Diva, but not the suction from it. I've been leaning towards the Lunette since I started looking at cups, but bought the Diva because I got too excited to wait when I started bleeding. I have a bit of a predicament though. Let me know if what I'm proposing is completely out of line, and I'll totally delete the post.

My problems are as follows: 1) I'm in the United States. I forget who, but someone recommended a woman on eBay UK who sells Lunettes, and I was going to buy one, but she doesn't ship to the US anymore. Also, my PayPal account isn't active, because they have made all kinds of insane demands of requirements that I can't satisfy because I am a college student(long long story!)

My question is this: Would anyone from outside the US be willing to purchase a Lunette from the woman on eBay UK for me and send it? I'll gladly send a personal check, money order, whatever you'd like, and include extra for your troubles, I just really would like to get my hands on a Lunette, and it seems that this woman is basically giving them away! Even with shipping and including extra in that, theres no way it would cost what other sites are offering them for, and then we all win! I'd be soooo grateful if anyone is willing to help me with this. I'm even willing to buy a Lunette used, if anyone knows of anyone else who is looking to sell a Large Lunette. I'm somewhat desperate, because I'm getting an IUD put in and would really really like to have it to use on the period after this one(when I'm getting it inserted). Anyways, thank you very much everyone! You guys are fabulous. =]
Tags: brand comparisons, family & friends, lunette

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