zadrii (zadrii) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First day (Successfully) Using the Cup! =]

 I am a 14 year old girl, and I recently got a Diva Cup because nothing else was working well for me. 

I eagerly waited for my period, but the first two days when I tried to insert my diva cup, I just... coudln't. It hurt a LOT and the first day I couldn't even get it partly in. The second day I got it about 2/3 in, but then couldn't stand the pain. I was pretty disappointed, because I really wanted it to work and I thought the DivaCup was going to be my "perfect solution."

Today, I tried again and got it all the way in with only a little bit of pain! =D I've been using the punch-down fold, with the side punched wayyy down so that it has a nice point. 

I've used it all day, and so far I have been good and had no leaks (partly because my flow is really light by now). 

My only issues, however, are:

~I find it really hard to twist the cup. I can't really get a grip on it unless I grab the cup beyond the ridges. Except when I do this it only twists the bottom and the cup becomes all swirled up! I guess I twisted it enough, though, because I didn't have leaks. Except I felt dents at the bottom. Perhaps it wasn't sealed and it only didn't leak because my flow is so light right now... So how can I tell if it's open?
~When I removed the cup it hurt! I figured that it is because of the suction. Is there supposed to be a suction? I broke it by reaching to the top of the cup and pushing one side it. Is this okay?
~My mom says that it isn't good to wear it longer than 4 hours. She also doesn't want me to wear it overnight because "I should give my muscles a rest, because otherwise the DivaCup will just fall out of me someday." Is this realistic? I thought I would be able to wear my DivaCup for my whole period. I don't want to have to keep buying pads...
~I can feel it. When I'm sitting or walking around I can feel the Diva Cup. It's not really painful, just a little uncomfortable. Also, I checked and the stem is not poking out at all. Is this okay or is there some way to fix it?
~Also, I didn't bother buying the Diva cup and the only soap I have at home has a mild scent. I don't usually break out from smelly soaps, so will washing the Diva Cup with this be a problem? Or are there any other in-home washes I can use? (Actually I already washed it with this soap. I feel fine, so far)

But over all, it's working great and I  think it might actually be the solution I was looking for!

Tags: cleaning, first time use, popping open, seal & suction

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