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First Time and Problems

After reading about menstrual cups a few months ago, I'd been planning to buy a Mooncup for a while now. It's a lot of money for me, and they charge a lot more in Boots than on the website, but I can't order online so ho-hum. I finally saved up enough and plucked up the courage to buy one yesterday. However I have had a few problems, some of which have been easily solved, some of which I can't find the answer to.

It took me hours to get it in!!! I had to have a break in between attempts to let my vagina relax again, but I finally managed to get it in by using the second fold shown in the leaflet - I believe it is called the 'push down' fold. Once in, it was very comfortable, and I almost forgot I was wearing it. I have managed to get it in successfully and fairly easily using this technique now.

Then the biggest problem - removal. I managed to get it almost all the way out, but the rim got stuck in my vaginal opening, and in my panic to sort things out, I think it created suction there, as it felt like I was going to turn inside out! XD

It took me a lot of deep breathing and coaxing before I felt calm enough to try and remove it, despite how painful it was, and when I did try, it was a long time before I could remove it. I tried to tilt it to the sides as suggested in the leaflet, but it didn't do anything. I also tried to get my finger in beside it, but it hurt my more, ah, delicate parts, and I couldn't seem to stretch enough to fit anything in besides it.

Eventually I removed it, sorted myself out and replaced it, deciding to persevere instead of be put off. The same thing happened when I tried to remove it earlier this morning. Has anyone else had this problem - the rim sticking - and how did they solve it?

I am wondering if these problems could be because I am 16 and a virgin. Though the website suggested it, I didn't buy any lube because I hate the idea of putting mass-produced slime around my private parts. *shudder* Since this has happened twice, is it likely that my hymen has broken? And if so, will that mean that it will be easier to use things like this in the future?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just happy to have found somewhere that allows me to ask them.
Em x

Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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