melanie12891 (melanie12891) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time poster -- cocktail of questions!!

Hey guys! My name is Melanie, I've been lurking this community for quite a while now and it is so very HELPFUL; thanks for all the great information (: Anywho, I am on my third cycle with my cup (LOVING it so far, generally). I believe that I have a US Mooncup that I got for free from participating in a survey by a company called Celle. Now that I'm convinced I want to stick with menstrual cups for every cycle, I am thinking about buying a new cup. I am happy with my US Moon, but I think I could be happier. Mostly, I am looking for the following things: a bit less suction and a bit more grippage at the bottom (I don't use the stem, it's been removed completely), both in order to make removal easier. Any suggestions? I know a lot of you have multiple cups and are able to make good comparisons.

Also, some random things ... am I the only person who loves the C fold? I feel like most of the people on here don't like it or use it, but it is the only fold I can do successfully and I find it very easy, comfortable, and natural. Also, do any of you get the weird squeaky sound as the cup sort of "pops" open? LOL. Just a bit of humor ... I usually find myself laughing on the toilet when this happens.

AND finally, I also have just ordered a starter set of reusable cloth pads from Etsy. They are the snappable kind. Any cleaning or usage advice tidbits? Regular disposable pads are so irritating on my skin, but I like to use something before I actually begin my menstration and to back up my cup, so I thought cloth would be a healthier option for me.

I guess that's it for now. Thanks again (:
Tags: brand comparisons, pads - cloth

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