PhoenixRising (newlydiva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My cup is a gymnast...

So I've noticed several posts on the success that people have had with flipping the Diva inside out.  So I thought I'd try it.  And it was a disaster!  I flipped Anastasia Beaverhousen inside out and tried to put her in.  And when I did, it flipped back inside my vagina!  So I managed to grab it.  And I pulled it out and tried it again.  And I thought everything was working fine so I went about my day.  But then when I tried to pull it out when I pinched it to remove it, it flipped AGAIN!  Like, reverse vacuum or something!  And I got blood everywhere.  I'm not exaggerating, there were splatter on the opposite wall (!) It was like an episode of CSI in my bathroom!  And to make things worse, it took me twenty minutes to get it out because it was so high up I couldn't get a good grip on it. 

Am I not flipping it correctly?  Is there a trick to doing this?  I thought it was more comfortable when it was inside out.  Aside from the whole homocide-in-the-bathroom that resulted when I tried to remove it, obviously.  I don't find the discomfort that noticble when it's right side in so I'm not adverse to just going with what works. I just found it popped open more easily inside out which was nice so...any suggestions or am I stuck going traditional?
Tags: divacup, inside-out
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