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Rachel Marie

Menstrual talk on CFUV

I go to the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. I volunteer with the radio station, CFUV 101.9FM in Victoria.
I am collaborating with some other ladies from the Women's Radio Collective to put together an episode of the collective's spoken word show. It is called "Women on Air" and airs Thursdays from 2-3pm (Pacific time).
This week, there are a couple of interviews about breastfeeding, and I am also putting together a short segment about alternative menstrual products. My goal for the segment is to educate more women about alternative menstrual options.
I plan to discuss:
1- pros and cons of disposable pads/tampons and of the various alternatives (cups, cloth pads, sea sponge)
(cons to disposable: health risks of bleach and fibers, risk of TSS with tampons, absorption of vaginal fluids with tampons, waste, cost)
2- Where can you get them and for how much (in the area and online), what they're made of, different sizes, diy-pads
3- Any extra info including anecdotes, connection to sex/birth control, etc.
4- Where interested listeners can get more info.

This post is to inform members of the community and to ask if anyone has any content suggestions for the show, perhaps something you would have liked to know when you first heard about the cup or that was helpful for you in your experiences. We also have to pick some songs to play throughout the hour, so music suggestions relating to the issue are welcome (eg a song that mentions menstrual cups or something?)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and for reading. If you're interested in hearing the show you can listen online here.
Tags: activism

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