REGEE (regee0304) wrote in menstrual_cups,

2nd Go 'Round.........

Hi, like others, I've joined just to say 'Thanks' to ALL for the info./Help I've gotten here.  I found this site about a year ago but just today decided to try my Diva cup again.  I got my Diva cup many years ago (like 2000). I didn't have any help w/ALL the PROBLEMS I ran into so after much pain & suffering (about a year or 2 of using it) I gave up!  I had issues w/insertion, leaks, yi's, pretty much the whole 9 yards!!!  Anyhoo, I liked it I'd decided to try cloth pads and was searching the net and found this site!!  I'll see if my problems are lessed, my body seems to be a source of problems.  Right now I'm in the process of 'finding my IUD'..........the strings are no longer there & it's time to replace it.
Anyhoo, thanks for all the info.
Tags: divacup

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