Moonlight in Vermont (moonlight_in_vt) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Moonlight in Vermont

leaks no matter what

So I've been using the Diva Cup (the smaller one) since August 2007. It worked GREAT for the first year. It almost never leaked. The only times it leaked it was because I didn't make sure it formed a proper seal, so whenever I'd fix that, it just worked soooooo amazingly well.

However, since about August 2008, it pretty consistently leaks every period. The only things I can correlate this with-- I came off birth control that month (would that have anything to do with this?), I have unfortunately not had any sex since about September, and in September I moved to Spain (did Spain make my vagina wider or something? haha).

I feel like I've tried to do everything with the cup-- twist it, fold it differently when inserting it, placing it close to the cervix, placing it far away from the cervix..... but it always always always leaks.
(side note-- I have not yet tried folding it inside-out since stem-pokage has not been a problem, but I shall try that next.)

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to solve this? Do I need a new/different cup? And finally, why the heck did it work so well for a year and suddenly stop??!! :(

At the same time, though, I still love the cup, because even though I have to wear pads now, at least the cup still helps curb heavy flows so that when I wear cup + pad it never leaks. Just sucks that I have to use disposable products again. I'm thinking that I'll get myself started on some cloth pads....

Oh yeah... I'm almost 23 years old and haven't had kids.


OK so if anyone wants to know, here's what happened based on the suggestions people gave:

-I tried putting in the cup inside out. Still leaked.
-I bought the larger (size 2) Diva Cup. STILL LEAKS. Still need a pad. Grr.
-Next step is to buy cloth pads and hope those work.... will update on that.
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