don't mess with the Pie Ho, oh no! (jantalaimon) wrote in menstrual_cups,
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And now...presenting C(o)unt Dracula!

Janni here again, this time with a new cup pouch design that makes even more sense than Cthulhu! (Not more sense than the Flying Spaghetti Monster, though---because nothing makes more sense than Him and it would be foolhardy and blasphemous to say otherwise! ;))

No, this time...this time, we've got C(o)unt Dracula on offer. In both "vampire" and "bat" forms, even! If your cup is lonely and looking for a place to call home, come check it out! Oh, also, both are 100% vegan-friendly and suitable for those with fiber sensitivities! ;)
Tags: cup pouch & storage, vegan/vegeterian

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