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Odd leaking:

I originally got the Diva Cup (size 2). Functionality wise it worked great (like, never EVER leaking, not even a drip), but it was uncomfortable to wear, and hard to pop open. Even with these problems I liked the DivaCup way better than both tampons and just pads, and if it were the only cup option, I would use it cheerfully. But, as the Diva is NOT the only cup option, I decided I wanted to explore the possibilities.

I ordered both a Lady Cup and a Lunette, both large. This last period was my first go with the LC (my Lunette finally got here the day after I stopped bleeding, so I haven’t got a chance to try it yet.)

The LC is wicked comfortable for wear, insertion, and removal. It also works fine in the last day or so of my period (when I bleed the lightest and am just finishing up), but it works only spottily on my first three days bleeding. I’ll put it in, it’ll pop (easier to pop than the Diva ever was for me, which surprised me), and I’ll be able to spin it. I’ll reach up to make sure my cervix is not outside the cup. Everything is a go, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes it will leak for the first half hour I put it in, then be fine for an hour. Sometimes it’ll be fine for a bit (about an hour) when I first put it in, and then start leaking, then sometimes it’ll stop leaking again after a few minutes, and sometimes it won’t. The times it won’t stop leaking and I take it out, and it is only about half full. So basically, I can’t find a pattern for when it leaks and when it doesn’t. It’s like throwing some dice at random, and you get what you get. What gives?

Other random information that could be pertinent: I think my flow is quite light. When using the Diva, I always had it in for 10-16 hours at a time, and never did the cup even fill to the lowermost measuring line. Also, I was badly (BADLY!) cramping for about a week before this last period started, which is unusual for me. Don’t know if that would affect flow.

Any ideas on the source of the mystery leaks, and what I could try to fix it?

Is there a new learning curve with each kind of cup you try, even if you’ve been using a different brand for months? If so, I maybe need to just try doing things differently and see if I stumble upon a fix.

If worse comes to worse, I can hope that the Lunette is my Goldilocks cup for the first three days bleeding, because the LC worked fine on the last days of my period.
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